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Spring Things - Some Thematic Maps

It's not the usual batch of offerings. There have been a few things that we haven't had the chance to display and wanted to do it here. From palmistry to music, to racial themes in the U.S., here's a quick video of things we found interesting.  

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New Projections - The Kroll Map Co. - A Passion for Place

With its roots back to the 1870's the Kroll Map Company has been a regional mapmaker that adapted and grew, just like its home town of Seattle. Here, we get to speak with John Loacker, the third generation owner of the company about its history, its evolution and its future. In conversation we learn about their work throughout the Pacific Northwest, and their deep "Passion for Place"  

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New Projections - Frank Ordaz - That Transcendent Moment

While you might know him for a series of maps that looked at Sports history from Baseball, Football, Golf, and more. You really know, and believe his work from movies such as "Return of the Jedi", "The Goonies", "E.T." and more. Here a discussion with Frank Ordaz about his work and how it began with a transcendent moment.  

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