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Mapping of progress - Science and Technology

To chart the progress of understanding is a beauty all its own. Today's selection is an overview of the advance of science and tech from several different fronts. Perhaps the most landmark is the Human Genome Chart, the very recipe for mankind. Please enjoy, and to our friends in the Sciences please feel free to correct us.

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Space - Maps and prints from the 20th century

The age of exploration never ended, nor will it. After mankind had a good grasp of this planet, he looked upward toward an unending frontier. This short segment is on some of the maps and prints related to the early era of space exploration, and its progression.

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The Internet and its growing culture - maps and prints

It has changed business, politics, social interaction and so much more. We've joked that the cultural dividing lines today are whether you were born "B.D." (before digital) or "A.D."(after digital), but it may be more accurate than we care to admit. Your perspective on history, the availability and access of information, and what could be possible in the world can pivot totally on your age. The Internet and its resulting cultural impacts will be studied for generations to come, but it's important to recognize artifacts related to its advent while they can be found. Here is a discussion of a few.

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