May Pictorial 2024

 A quick list for your review, with a emphasis on an interesting character, John Held Jr., and a few of his unique maps. He's an underappreciated 20th century figure, best summed by author Corey Ford;

“Fitzgerald christened it the Jazz Age, but John Held, Jr. set its style and manners. His angular and scantily clad flapper was accepted by scandalized elders as the prototype for modern youth, the symbol of our moral revolution… So sedulously did we ape his caricatures that they lost their satiric point and came to be a documentary record of our times.

There is a fun bias to John Held Jr's maps, as he leans in to depicting the "Jazz Age" culture and prohibition-era hot spots, while ignoring everything else.  The results capture something of the zeitgeist of the time. 

Also included in this listing are a number of Charles Owens great pictorial maps related to the world during WWII. He had a wonderful ability to simply convey the action and strategies of the war which the average person could use for reference. We offer a number of these maps that someone saved to document the war.