A Caricature Map of Philadelphia

Mapmaker: Anonymous

A Caricature Map of Philadelphia

c 1928

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  • A Caricature Map of Philadelphia

    This large pictorial map of the city is very much an insiders view of Philadelphia during the depression era. While the rambling funny title states "This map is not intended to prove anything, it is not drawn to any known scale & is guaranteed by the makers to be wholly crazy & insane.", it is clear that this map touches on the area almost building by building with dozens of puns. Spanning from the Zoo and Girard College down to the bridge to Camden bridge ("who cares"). This is a very active map with people playing dice, firemen at work, a man guarding a still, and much more. A great map which isn't common.

    Condition is good with some repairs to marginal tears . Image size is 22 x 32 (inches).