(Africa-DRC) Congo Tabula Historica

Mapmaker: Thiriar, James

(Africa-DRC) Congo Tabula Historica

c. 1955

  • ~Catalog 63~
  • Congo Tabula Historica

    James Thiriar was a Belgian mapmaker and artist who was injured in WWI and was relocated to London. He continued to do maps for the front lines and sketches of soldiers. Later starting a magazine for soldiers, but also diversifying into theatre work of stage and costume design.

    Later in the 1930's he was part of an expedition to the interior of the Congo and did artwork for the endeavor, later working on the flora and fauna sketches for other central Africa expeditions.

    This amazing map by Thiriar tackles the brutal history of the Congo head on, and notes many battles, the horrors of the slave trade, as well as the diversities of regional cultures. Does include explorer tracks from Stanley, Vankerckhoven, Katanga, Baert and others. Is surrounded with amazing vignettes for soldiers, explorers and people in local dress.

    Rare and fascinating map which while being pictorial, is far from whimsical

    Condition is good, has been professionally cleaned and backed. Image size is approximately 33.5 x 23.5 (inches)