(Africa) Manuscript Africa

Mapmaker: Anonymous manuscript

(Africa) Manuscript Africa

c. 1850

  • ~Catalog 61~
  • Africa

    It was the convention in teaching geography in the 19th century to have the student copy and draw maps by hand in order to grasp geography. As evidenced by this ink and watercolor, it's a method that seems to have worked well. This map of Africa shows a standard base for the continent with the regional borders and major rivers as they were known. Notes a few nations or people groups, including "Maroco", "Egypt", "Hotentots" and the island of "Madegascar". Does note the neighboring islands as well as the coastal outline of neighboring Europe and the Middle East.

    Condition is good with some soiling and aging, and a lower right corner that was restored, and a close lower margin. Image size is approximately 19.5 x 15(inches)