(AK. - Denali) Mount McKinley

Mapmaker: Washburn - Swiss Fed.

(AK. - Denali) Mount McKinley


  • ~Fall 2019~
  • (AK. - Denali) Mount McKinley

    It's a masterpiece that we were made aware of by the demand made by mountaineers. Climbers would come in with the specific request for "Washburn's" map. It was the visual resource that climbers would absorb and ruminate on when looking at climbing the great peak Alaskan peak that looms 20,000 feet above sea level.

    If the first glance at the map leaves you amazed and intimidated, that is justifiable, as it well reflects the astounding talent of Bradford Washburn. Explorer, pilot, aerial photographer, museum founder, contributor to National Geographic, the list is long of all the accomplishments that were fit into a single life. But one of his prime loves was Mt. Denali that he summited three times, and spent meticulous years photographing, surveying and mapping. Six different periods of "precise survey"(1947-59), in conjunction with the Swiss Federal Institute of Topography rendered this pristine, clear and intuitive view of this complex terrain. It's a subtle pinnacle of cartography, done in a style that would become prevalent, sometimes referred to as "color shaded relief".

    Condition is very good, with original paper slip cover . Image size is approximately 30.25 x 29 (inches)