(AK-Valdez)  Valdez And Vicinity

Mapmaker: U.S.G.S.

(AK-Valdez) Valdez And Vicinity


  • ~Fall 2019~
  • (Alaska - Valdez) Valdez And Vicnity- Shaded Relief Edition

    A post war innovative masterpiece for this small piece of Alaska. A work of Hal Shelton when he was still at U.S.G.S. we see the Valdez are with new eyes, and a nuanced sense of the complex terrain. From the flow of the mountains, to the glaciers and even the land quality of the nearby shores, this map conveys a world of information that doesn't have to be corroborated with a key, but instead is evident immediately.

    Historically of interest for this area, as this is before the horrible earthquake that would hit the area in 1964 (a 9.2!!), that would end up with the entire town being relocated from the east end of the bay to further west on the north shore. (Also, suggest that you pull up Google maps to compare the glaciers shown and note the recession for all)

    Uniquely, this map is signed by Hal Shelton himself as a gift to Lynn Yehle, a glacial specialist, author, map-maker and all around wonderful gent that passed away a year or so back.

    Condition is very good, some marginal pinholes. Image size is approximately 26.5 x 30.5 (inches)