(Alabama- Mobile Bay) Untitled

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(Alabama- Mobile Bay) Untitled

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  • Untitled - Mobile Bay.

    A uncommon early map of Mobile Bay looking at the dilemma of defending Mobile Bay and the city of Mobile. This map shows Dauphin Island, as well as neighboring smaller islands of Pelican and Sand islands, over to Mobile Point.This map shows two "Projected Forts", on and the far eastern tip of Dauphin and the other the far western tip of "Mobile Point", which would later become Fort Morgan, completed in 1834. Shows the channels of the area, as well as points to anchor. Included with the map is twenty four pages of text related to the map and the subject of fortifications at these points.

    Condition is good with some off setting. Image size is approximately 9.5 x 16.5 (inches)