(Alaska) Gascon's Clondyke Map : Gold fields of Alaska

Mapmaker: Gascon, G. E.

(Alaska) Gascon's Clondyke Map : Gold fields of Alaska


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  • (Alaska) Gascon's Clondyke Map - Gold Fields of ALASKA Showing the latest discoveries, the new passes, proposed railroad route and other authentic information in both Canada and Alaska..

    It was with the arrival of a few miners getting off the boat from Alaska with bags of gold in San Francisco that the Klondyke Gold Rush began in July of 1897, and like other gold rushes, it was to a remote area of the nation at the time, and there were several potential routes to find your fortune. This very rare folding map was one of those that could be purchased by prospectors as they set out for the wilds of Alaska. Produced by G.E. Gascon in the small Yukon river town of Circle City, this map gives as close to an insiders view to the gold fields as you could hope to find, it was then published and sold by the Puget Sound News Company in Seattle.

    Issued in folding paper covers this pocket map showed the two main potential routes to getting to the Gold Fields, one by sea which went around the Aleutians up to a portage near St. Michael which connected to the Yukon River, or the other route up the Canadian side to Dawson City and across. Insets show the "Overland to the Clondyke" and the portion of the Yukon River in between Indian River and Clondyke River. A smaller inset at the bottom shows the long water route around the Aleutians to Norton Sound.

    We see no instance of this map being offered before in the price record, and only find a handful of instances present through OCLC.

    Condition is good, has been professionally lined and restored with numerous old tears and splits now joined, without loss. Detached from its paper covers, which have some loss, but with title cover clean and solid. This is Ex-library and has been stamped as "triplicate". Image size is approximately 21.5 x 27.5 (inches)