(Alaska - Pacific Northwest) Carte Generale Des Decouvertes...

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(Alaska - Pacific Northwest) Carte Generale Des Decouvertes...

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  • (Alaska - Pacific Northwest) Carte Generale Des Decouvertes de l'Amiral de Fonte, et autres Navigateurs Espagnols Anglois et Russes pour la recherche du Passage a la Mer du Sud Par M. De l'Isle de l'Academie royale des Sciences &c Publiee a Paris en Septembre 1752.

    A fascinating map for the many speculations and reports of what existed in northwestern North America. While the opposing shore of Asiatic Russia is amazingly recognizable thanks to the efforts of Behring and Tcherikov, the North American side is a compilation of speculation and reported sights. Does show the vast "Sea of the West", as well as a clear Northwest passage that connects through to Hudson Bay. In the point where you would expect to find the Aleutian islands, just east of Behring's island is instead a vast island with nothing but open Sea between it and the recessed American continent. A great map of the controversies at the time that would all be resolved quickly once Capt. Cook's men mapped the coast.

    Condition is very good for this crisp bright sheet which has some extension to the margin in the upper left corner. Image size is approximately 12 x 15 (inches)