Mapmaker: Stansbury



  • ~Catalog 53~
  • America

    Lost states and territories are always an interest, and curious points in our developing history. This early map of America has two rarities, “Franklinia” and “Morgania”. Franklinia (or “Franklin), was founded in portions of eastern Tennesse and western North Carolina in 1784, and appears on only a handful of maps that show it hovering between the two states. Here is it shown without distinct borders, just above the lands of the Cherokees. The other unique notation of “Morgania” pops up in what is present day Missouri, and is tied to George Morgan who was in the Illinois country at the end of the 18th century and planned a settlement in the area, which at the time was still under Spanish control. No other notation is shown west of the Mississippi River except an unbounded “Morgania”. A great rare map complete with its text of origin

    Condition is good with some wear, minor loss, a mended opening tear and overall age toning. Image size is 16.25 x 13 (inches).