(Americas) Americae Descriptio Nova Impensis

Mapmaker: Seile, Henrici

(Americas) Americae Descriptio Nova Impensis

c. 1652

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  • (Americas) Americae Descriptio Nova Impensis - Henrici Seile... 1652

    A crisp engraving for the New World, based off the earlier work of Goos, with a pronounced depiction of California as an island. Includes placenames throughout the colonies and some speculative notations for the lost city of "Quivira" and "Cibola". Prior to any treatment of the Great Lakes, the St Lawrence doesn't penetrate too far into the continent, past New England. South America is dense with placenames and native tribes, as well as rivers and tributaries. Two large sea monsters are floating in the "Pacifick", or "Southern Ocean".

    Condition is fair, has been professionally restored and backed, with some loss along the top and bottom of the centerfold. Image size is approximately 13.5 x 17.5 (inches)