(Americas) Americae Nova descriptio...

Mapmaker: Seile

(Americas) Americae Nova descriptio...


  • ~Catalog 65~
  • (Americas) Americae Nova descriptio Impensis Anae Seile 1663

    With recognizable coast lines, and placenames, it's the interiors that are full of speculation and hypothetical geography. There's no sign of the Great Lakes or the Mississippi River, but there is a large Hudson's Bay, and a significant St Lawrence. Does show the great island of California, and beyond it in the northwest is a vast "Terra Incognita". Likewise in South America, beyond the coasts are a mythical land of rivers and vast lakes with no real substance. Shows some people groups and major mountain ranges.

    Condition is good with some light dampstaining on the right, and a close lower margin. Size is approximately 13.75 x 16.75 (inches)