Amerique Meridionale (South America

Mapmaker: Levasseur

Amerique Meridionale (South America


  • - Central/S. America
  • Amerique Meridionale (South America)

    A stunning decorative map of the South American continent, with a surrounding cartouche that is beautiful. The map itself details the regional borders, river systems, cities and even some of the topography of the continent, with original hand color distinguishing the regional borders. It does catch an interesting period when Bolivia ("or Upper Perou") still had coastal access, and the nation of "Buenos Ayres or Rio De La Plata" spanned most of the south. The surrounding cartouche shows everything from a cowboy rounding up horses, to the natives, the beautiful coastal cities, and even a leopard crouching to attack a miner. The original outline hand color is still strong.

    Condition is very good with some marginal soiling and tear. Image size is 12.25 x 17.25 (inches)