An Exact Map of North America...

Mapmaker: Russel, J.

An Exact Map of North America...

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  • - N. America -U.S.
  • An Exact Map of North America. from the best Authorities.

    A fascinating study of early North America with plenty of interesting points. Showing all of the continent with dozens of placenames and colonial territory possessions. A large "Louisiana" territory is shown covering from west of the Mississippi to the territorial New Mexico, neither of which are contained by a border. The legendary city of "Quivira" is shown next to a western mountain chain, and just above it is a speculative "River of the West" running from a Canadian lake to the Pacific. Perhaps most interesting though is the notation found roughly where present day Vancouver island is, that states "this Land is supposed to be the Fou-sang of the Chinese Geographers". Around the rough outline that is Alaska (which here has its elephant shape), there is an attribution "Discoveries made by the Russians during the last 30 years". An interesting map that is a mix of speculative and substantive geography.

    Condition is good with some light off-setting, and a cropped bottom margin. Image size is 9.75 x 15 (inches).