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(Antarctica) Chart of the Antarctic...


  • ~Catalog 55~
  • (Antarctica)Chart of the Antarctic Polar Circle, with the Countries adjoining, According to the New Hypothesis of M. Buache. From the Memoirs of the Royal Academy at Paris.

    The Antarctic appeared on very early maps as a large island. This disappeared for lack of evidence and for some time nothing is shown in the region. By 1763 navigators had reported the presence of something and there was again debate on what might be there. Bauche proposed a unique combination of lands and ice and this map was issued to illustrate it. On it he notes numerous discoveries, traces the known land masses to the north, and propounds his theory. Here New Zealand is part of the extended reaches of a south polar land mass.

    Condition is very good with some typical offsetting. Image size is 8 x 9 (inches).