(AR.) New Township Map...

Mapmaker: Nowlin, S.H.

(AR.) New Township Map...

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  • In The News 2020
  • (AR.) New Township Map of the State of Arkansas Published by S.H. Nowlin,, Little Rock, Arkansas

    This map is the centerfold of a 16 page promotional newspaper, the "Spirit Of Akansas.", which had a sole focus on "The Material Interests Of Arkansas And The Southwest.", and was filled with short articles on the promise of regional agriculture, new settlements and practical farming. The map itself well details the state, its railroads (and vast land grants), as well as the major drainages.

    Judging by the number of ads and mentions of the "Iron Mountain & Southern" we assume this was a railroad newspaper that was available to those that were traveling the rails at the time.

    Condition is good for the centerfold map, the remaining newspaper has wear and tears with some marginal soiling. Image size is approximately 13.5 x 20.5 (inches)