(Arctic & Antarctica) Countries surrounding...

Mapmaker: Wilkes

(Arctic & Antarctica) Countries surrounding...

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  • (Arctic & Antarctica) Countries surrounding the South Pole - Countries surrounding the North Pole.

    A beautiful set of boldly hand colored polar maps from the early 19th century. Each centers on the pole and extends well into the neighboring continents and islands. On the map for the North Pole a massive land bridge is shown connecting North America to Greenland. Greenland itself appears to have two waters routes that cross it. The South Pole map shows tracks of Cook in 1778 and that of St Allouarns, and shows no sign of any land mass, but only "Field Ice" that Cook encountered in his voyage.

    Condition is good with some light toning to the paper for the South Pole, and a close left margin. Both archivally matted together. Image size is approximately 8.25 x 8 (inches) for each map.