(Arizona) Panorama From Point Sublime

Mapmaker: Holmes, William Henry

(Arizona) Panorama From Point Sublime


  • ~Catalog 60~
  • Panorama From Point Sublime - (Part I Looking East) (Part II Looking South) (Part III Looking West)

    This is the landmark triptych for the Grand Canyon by William Henry Holmes which he did as part of Dutton's "Tertiary History of the Grand Cañon District". While it is a stunning set of images, it's also incredibly articulate as Holmes was a great geologist and illustrated with a scientific appreciation of the view, not just the drama. But this wasn't his first experience in illustrating the West, he had been along with F.V. Hayden as early as 1872 as an illustrator on his expedition and continued similar work in Yellowstone and in Colorado in general. Holmes is yet another example of those early renaissance men that were part of western exploration, and this may be a pinnacle in his life's work.

    Condition is good for all three images which have been cleaned and backed with some very minimal scuffing along the old folds. Image size is approximately 18.5 x 30 (inches) for each of the three sheets.