Art Forms of the Pacific Area

Mapmaker: Covarrubias, Miguel

Art Forms of the Pacific Area


  • ~Catalog 54~
  • Art Forms of The Pacific Area

    While Corvarrubias was a great artist and muralist, but he had a deep interest in ethnology and cultural anthropology. This beautiful map is a fine instance of one of his works that is appealing and instructional at the same time. Here, native art is illustrated from the Caribbean and the Hudson Bay tribes to Patagonia and right across the Pacific to central Asia. For instance, it gives archtypal instances of the sculpture from Easter Island, to the decorative masks of Hawaii, the shadow puppets of Java, and the bas relief of South East Asia.

    Condition is good, this map is dissected and laid on canvas for easy folding. Image size is 22 x 34, full printed color