(Asia) (Asia)

Mapmaker: Am. Bapt. Miss. Union

(Asia) (Asia)

c. 1899

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    Printed on linen this map shows the missionary beachheads throughout these Asia nations. Tremont Temple was a considerable protestant church in downtown Boston with roots in the revivalist movements that impacted the nation since the beginning of the 19th century, and even further back to Roger Williams efforts in Rhode Island. A key component of their denomination was evangelical outreach and this map illustrates their far flung church plants from the eastern coast of India, through Burma and Siam (note "Amherst") and up into China. A large inset shows Japan with some outreach in a few towns from the south up to Hokkaido.

    Condition is good with strong color, and without the fading to the image we've experienced in years past. Some foxing/ soiling, but generally unobtrusive. Image size is approximately 52.5 x 65.5 (inches)