(Asia) Asia Secundum legitimas...

Mapmaker: Homann, J.B.

(Asia) Asia Secundum legitimas...

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  • ~Holiday~2016
  • Asia Secundum lefitimas Projectionis Stereogracphicae regulas et juxta....

    Mentioning in the title that this map benefits from the latest information and observations, it certainly appears as such. From the well formed Caspian sea to the opening of the Gobi desert, this is an Asia that begins to dispel myths and solidify cartographic foundations. Grand distortions along the Pacific coast are gone, and recognizable proportions have taken shape. Original hand color distinguishes national boundaries, and the heart of the map illustrates placenames, terrain, drainages as well as people groups. Even the neighboring East Indies, down to New Guinea are identified and reasonably identifiable.

    Condition is very good with some light even age toning to the entire sheet. Image size is approximately 19 x 21.25 (inches)