(Asia - Middle East) First Part of Asia,

Mapmaker: Bolton

(Asia - Middle East) First Part of Asia,


  • ~Holiday~2016
  • First Part of Asia, beign Turky, Arabia, Persia, most of India and Tartary. Performed by the Sr. D'Anville under the Patronage of the Duke of Orleans...

    An amazing very large map for this portion of Asia and the East which is indebted to D'Anville and an outstanding reference for the time. Spanning from Egypt and Asia Minor and Arabia, spanning east through Persia, Central Asia to Tibet, India and Mongolia. Dense with towns, terrain, drainages as well as placenames and people groups. There are also some historic notations, land description and regional boundaries.

    Condition is excellent. Image size is approximately 28.75 x 30.5 (inches)