(Asia-Pacific-North America) Tartariae Sive Magni

Mapmaker: Ortelius

(Asia-Pacific-North America) Tartariae Sive Magni


  • ~Catalog 62~
  • (Asia - North America) Tartartiae Sive Magni Chami Regni

    A very early map focusing on northern and central Asia, from the Caspian and Asiatic Russia through northern China, to Japan and the primitive western portions of North America. While amazing for its content of remote portions of Asia, its also is noted for its depiction of North America which is one of the first to note "California" while showing the general contours of Baja California as well as the seven cities of Cibola. The western coast includes a notation for the "Sierra Nevada.", but nothing else occurs throughout the coast, up through the Pacific Northwest, where there is no hint of an Alaska but rather the continent ends with an open ocean that continues to the East Coast. Does show a massive Japan which likewise is primitive. Van den Broecke, M. #163.

    Condition is very good. Image size is approximately 14 x 18.75 (inches)