Atlas For The U.S. Citizen

Mapmaker: Harrison, Richard Edes

Atlas For The U.S. Citizen


  • ~Catalog 60~
  • Atlas For The U.S. Citizen

    It's a revolution in cartography that perhaps is too easily overlooked today, but at the time was a groundbreaking new way of looking at the world. Richard Edes Harrison was an illustrator and cartographer that set upon a new style that depicted, almost in a birds eye view approach, portions of the globe. They inferred new connections thanks to the air age and how being freed from land and sea based travel make whole new neighbors.

    This small "Atlas" was issued as a portion of a Fortune magazine from 1940, with 11 maps that take numerous different perspectives on the globe and how that relates to the US and the war that was raging overseas. The maps are beautiful and the complimenting text looks at more than just statistics.

    Condition of this complete issue is very good with some wear and soiling. Image size is approximately 11 x 14 (inches)