(Atlas) School Atlas to Cummings'....

Mapmaker: Cummings and Hilliard

(Atlas) School Atlas to Cummings'....

c. 1810

  • ~Catalog 60~
  • School Atlas to Cummings' Ancient & Modern Geography. Seventh Edition.

    A interesting school atlas that does an admirable job in showing the latest understanding specifically of North America and its development. With eight double page maps (U.S., World, South America, Europe, Britain, Asia, North America, Africa) which look at the best of what was known of the time, it is a pretty solid primer for early 19th century. Notable maps such as North America, which includes Vancouver information, and takes a serious look at the interior of the Louisiana territory, is very timely.

    Condition is fair for this soft cover book with a separated spine, foxing to the maps and splits to the folds. Map size varies, but is approximately 11 x 9.5 (inches).