(Aviation) Tableau D'Aviation...

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(Aviation) Tableau D'Aviation...

c. 1910

  • ~Holiday~2016
  • Tableau D'Aviation - Representant Tout Ce Qui A Ete Fait De Remarquable Sur La Navigation Aerienne Sans Ballons

    A rare and amazing chart that trace's man's earliest designs on flight from DaVinci's model (c. 1500), up through the late 19th century (c. 1880). A fascinating overview of inspirations and styles, it becomes a clear evolution of eventually leaving behind the trusted format of imitating birds, and move on to struggle with greater lift and power. By 1879, one of the designs in the bottom row by Tatin, looks prescient of things that would take to the air some sixty years later.

    Condition is good with some wear and soilding and mostly marginal weaknesses. Image size is approximately 20 x 26.5 (inches)