(AZ -Colorado River) Rio Colorado of the West

Mapmaker: Ives, J. C.

(AZ -Colorado River) Rio Colorado of the West


  • ~Catalog 61~
  • Map No. 2 Rio Colorado of the West. Explored by 1st Lieut. Joseph C. Ives...

    In discussing the mapping that his expedition had done, and specifically the work of F.W. von Egloffstein, Ives said; "This method of representing topography is ... truer to nature. It is an approximation to a bird's eye view, and is intelligible to every eye". This well sums the accomplishments of Egloffstein in this map for the Colorado River. His map elegantly spans through the vast New Mexico territory, and follows the tributaries that start around Ft Defiance and Zuni, and reaches all the way to the Mojave Valley and neighboring California.

    Condition is good with some foxing and a minor opening tear that has been repaired. Image size is approximately 14.75 x 34.75 (inches)