(AZ. - Grand Canyon) Atlas to Accompany The...

Mapmaker: Dutton, Clarence E.

(AZ. - Grand Canyon) Atlas to Accompany The...


  • ~Catalog 61~
  • Atlas To Accompany The Tertiary History of the Grand Canon District.

    Clarence Dutton was a figure not unlike many of the early surveyors and explorers who was a bit of a renaissance man and perfect man for the job. He was a Civil War veteran who had studied geology and got onto the team led by J.W. Powell in studying and documenting the West. It was after this experience and a fascination with the Grand Canyon that led to numerous trips to the region, and with the newly formed U.S.G.S under King that Dutton's work would be published. It became a foundational work in the field and included exact and stunning views by both William Henry Holmes, and Thomas Moran.

    This complete atlas is complete with detached boards, but a solid spine. The Holmes views are crisp with a few small centerfold seperations, but those not reaching well into the images. The Toroweap image has a seperated centerfold with no loss. The tryptic is very clean and bright. And the Transept Kaibab is very strong and clean.

    Condition is good overall with a presentation binding that could restore very well. Atlas size is approximately 20 x 17.5(inches)