(AZ, NM- Aviation) Phoenix (Q-3)

Mapmaker: US Govt.

(AZ, NM- Aviation) Phoenix (Q-3)

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  • ~Catalog 63~
  • Phoenix (Q-3)

    As the air age developed, a necessity of a new mapping approach became obvious, one which would show the new highways of aviation. While the map is rich with roads, towns, terrain, etc, it is for landmarks in relation to the bands of air that would be used for take off and landing into region air fields. Issued during the war years, these maps many times are noted as "Restricted" and will include "Danger Areas".

    This chart spans from area of Salome Arizona, east to San Lorenzo New Mexico.

    Condition is good with some manuscript notations and light wear to the folds. Image size is approximately 47 x 23 (inches)