(Azores) Vlaemse Eylanden

Mapmaker: Van Keulen

(Azores) Vlaemse Eylanden

c. 1681

  • ~Catalog 56~
  • Nieuwe Pascaert Van alle de Vlaemse Eylanden Met hunne...

    A stunning map for the lovely north Atlantic islands of the Azores. A Portugese territory, these islands from "Corvo" to "I. De S. Maria" showing many placenames, major towns, and good points to anchor. Three large insets shows point to port and the nearby towns or city, as two larg masted ships battle it out in the nearby seas. A large title cartouche at the top is held by cherubs and is accentuated with gold highlights. The scale of miles is likewise adorned with fishing cherubs.

    Condition is fair with overall age toning to the paper and the dark greens have oxidised and cracked the paper with some loss. Some marginal tears. Image size is approximately 20 x 22.5 (inches)