Bacon's Military Map of America

Mapmaker: Bacon & Co.

Bacon's Military Map of America


  • ~Catalog 57~
  • Bacon's Military Map of the United States Shewing the Forts & Fortifications.

    A rare map with a very Confederate view of the nation during the early Civil War period. Issued seperately by Bacon for One Shilling (the titled is flanked by a "1s." price), this map of the nation shows from coast to coast and is color coded, with hand color that identifies "Free or Non-Slaveholding States" (green), "Border Slave States" (yellow), and "Seceded of Confederate States" (red). In this way the Confederate territory of Arizona is shown clearly as part of the South, and the border states and territories of New Mexico, Indian Territory, Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland and Delaware are shown as Confederate leaning. Also in that midst the western portion of Virginia is hand colored yellow, not red, intoning the seperation that would later become a the new state of West Virginia. The base map for this US map shows the major roads and railroads, towns, major terrain, and rivers, as well as some explorers routes, and the "Pony Express Route". A real rarity for the Civil War era, and our first time to offer this map.

    Condition is very good, with wide, clean margins. Image size is approximately 16.25 x 25.75 (inches)