Bacon's New Shilling War Map

Mapmaker: Bacon & Co.

Bacon's New Shilling War Map


  • ~Catalog 57~
  • Bacon's New Map of the Seat of War in Virginia and Maryland Showing the Interesting Localities. Around Richmond, Washington, Baltimore &c...

    A rare British published map that took a serious look at the lands around which the US Civil War was unfolding. With a U.S. and Confederate flags sitting astride the top title of "Bacon's New Shilling War Map", this large brightly hand colored map spans from Philadelphia, south to just inside the North Carolina border, and shows fine detail for towns, roads and railroads. Battle sights such as "Bull Run", "Fairfax", "Leesburg" are underlined in red. A rare map that when it is found, can be disected and laid on canvas, but this large crisp example with only a shallow centerfold that is in good condition. A real rarity intended as a seperate issue reference to keep up with the battles raging.

    Condition is very good save for an old repaired tear that reaches into the image from the middle left, but isn't noticable save for close inspection. Image size is approximately 18.25 x 23.5 (inches)