(Balkans-Hungary) Danubii Fluminis...

Mapmaker: Homann, J.B.

(Balkans-Hungary) Danubii Fluminis...

c. 1730
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  • ~Catalog 65~
  • (Balkans - Hungary) Danubii Fluminis (ab urbe Lentia usque et ultra Bydenam urbem cum influentibus fluviis delineati) Pars Media : in qua Hungaria, Sclavonia, Bosnia, Dalmatia et Servia cum vicinis aliis Regionibus accuratè describuntur

    A fine engraving on thick stock showing from the Macedonian border up to the Moravian and Polish borders. Dense with towns and placenames, as well as drainages and major terrain. A great reference for the time.

    Condition is good with some mostly marginal centerfold repairs, and one old repaired tear . Size is approximately 19.5 x 24 (inches)