(Balkans – Monastir) (Environs of Monastir)

Mapmaker: General Printing House – Erkan-i

(Balkans – Monastir) (Environs of Monastir)


  • ~Catalog 51~
  • (Balkans – Monastir) (Environs of Monastir),

    A fine map of this portion of southern Macedonia in the Turkish. Pretty well centered on Monastir (“Bitolj”- today known as “Bitola”), it is an amazingly well executed map for this once Turkish possesion, which brings to mind the excellent cartography of German cartographer, Petermann. Roads, topography, and hundreds of towns are noted for this region roughly in between Thessaloniki and Tirana. An uncommon map several decades before the eviction of the Ottomans.

    Bisected and laid on canvas, some canvas weakening on the corner folds. Image size is 17.5 x 20, printed color.