(Bangladesh - India) Tabula Asiae X

Mapmaker: Ruscelli

(Bangladesh - India) Tabula Asiae X


  • ~Catalog 62~
  • (Bangladesh - eastern India) Tabula Asiae X

    Based off of the foundational work of Claudius Ptolemy (c. AD 90 - c. AD 168), the Greco-Roman who lived in Alexandria, this work shows us the best of what was understood of the world during the Roman era.

    This edition by Girolamo Ruscelli, the Italian polymath, humanist, editor and cartographer based in Venice, is a good engraving on fine dense paper. Shows the drainage and major placenames, as well as the locations of people groups. This map focuses on the area of what is modern day Bangladesh and eastern India, and reaching north.

    Condition is good with some minor loss on the centerfold. Image size is 7.5 x 10 (inches)