Beloofde Landt Canaan

Mapmaker: Stoopendaal

Beloofde Landt Canaan

c. 1720
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  • - Asia & Middle East
  • Het Beloofde Landt Canaan door wandlet van onsen Salichmaecker....

    A stunning Dutch map of the the Holy Land complimented by bold decorative cartouches of angels above, and the life of Christ below, from the manger, to the cross, to a resurrected Christ floating above shocked Roman soldiers. The map is dense with placenames, roads and general topography. Reaches from present day southern Lebanon to just below the Dead Sea and east toward present day Jordan. A fine map, as the Dutch title intones, of the "Beloved Land of Canaan." A strong and crisp engraving.

    Condition is very good with some minor soiling to the centerfold. Image size 14 x 18.25 (inches).