Bermuda Hundred

Mapmaker: US Government

Bermuda Hundred

1867 (1872)

  • - N. America -U.S.
  • "Bermuda Hundred from Surveys under the direction of Bvt. Brig. Gen. N. Michler, Maj.of Engineers By Command of Bvt. Maj. Genl. A.A. Humphreys, Brig. Genl. & Chief of Engineers 1867"

    A large map done not long after the end of the Civil War showing the positions of the Union forces in blue and the Confederates in red. The map shows amazing detail for roads, railroads, towns, vegetation (land quality) and similar detail done in a relief style shown in hachures. Noted in Stephenson 525 b3

    Condition is goodwith some light overall browning to the sheet and unfortunate water staining in the left edge of the image. Image size is 20 x 29 with some outline color.