Bowles's New One -Sheet Map of the Independent States of Virgini

Mapmaker: Bowles & Carver

Bowles's New One -Sheet Map of the Independent States of Virgini

c. 1796

  • ~Catalog 56~
  • Bowles's New One -Sheet Map of the Independent States of Virginia, Maryland, Delaward...

    Based on the famous Lewis Evans map which depicted the struggle for the Ohio valley and the frontier, this map by Bowles and Carver is several steps along in the evolution of the US and the western territory. Spanning from New England through the Ohio River valley and down to Kentucky, this rare map includes an inset for the further reaches of the “Western Territory”, including what is present day Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin. With additional notes and geographical additions which isnt included in the Laurie & Whittle map, this map holds a wealth of information. From the situation of the tribal lands and their villages, to notations like “Antique Sculptures”, “Elephant Bones found here”, but most interesting the geological inclusions of “Coal” , “Limestone” and “Petroleum”, found along the Ohio river and its tributaries.

    Rich for roads, passes and trails, this map also includes the short lived “Indiana” in what is present day West Virginia, made not as a native reserve, but made from concessions of the Indians. Full of historic and practical notations throughout, such as “Gap where the War Path goes throu the Ouasioto Mountains is the on Way passable with Horses from Ohio 3 or 400 miles southward”.

    A strong engraving of this rare map, with original outline hand color. Paper is evenly toned with age and some light soiling.
    Image size is approximately 19.5 x 25.5