(CA-Bay Area) Silicon Valley

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(CA-Bay Area) Silicon Valley


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  • Silicon Valley - Compliments of Eaton Addington/Yig-Tek

    It's the small slice of the Bay area in California that would become the garden of eden for new technology and the internet age. It was a sea of small independent companies that interacted, cross-pollinated ideas and employees, merged and many disappeared. Some we still see and recognize, some we remember, but all were part of a community of development that spawned a new age and sped the momentum of invention and innovation. This map captures a quick glimpse of the area when companies like "Four Phase Systems", "Kyocera", "Tandem" and a little company called "Apple" were all on the same block.

    Condition is very good. Some foxing/ soiling. Overall size is approximately 30 x 40 (inches)