Mapmaker: Schiller, David



  • ~Holiday~2016

    The late 1960's were a time of change and redefinition for the state. Aside from the influence of the counter culture and the shock waves it would send across the nation, the coastal state of small towns and a slow pace had begun to change. This map by David Schiller, artist and illustrator who was a figure in the music and counter culture of the time, captures a bit of an insider's view of the state. From the Navy Base in San Diego, the prominent "Disneyland" sign south of LA, to the Hippies flying a banner saying "Haight Ashbury Loves You" in San Francisco, it catches a wealth about the time. It posits a California of ultra-urban regions against overwhelming natural features of mountains, trees and rivers.

    Condition is very good, has been professionally conserved and backed with linen, the upper left hand corner has been restored. Image size is approximately 28 x 18 (inches)