(CA.-Los Angeles) Los Angeles

Mapmaker: Holtan, Gene

(CA.-Los Angeles) Los Angeles


  • The West 2020
  • Los Angeles

    Gene Holtan was a young Canadian artist that found himself at art school in Los Angeles and once finished, began a career as an artist and illustrator. He worked for large publications such as the New Yorker, Ladies Home Journal and many others as an illustrator.

    At a time when the modern city held promise and was being made over by highways and new development, Holtan's map for Los Angeles painted another view. While typically cities were shown with a bit of a futuristic gleam, Holtan's view shows a glass half empty. His view of Los Angeles shows an urban scape dense with roads, traffic and smog. Even the sun has it's nose plugged

    A scarce and interesting view city and region with growing importance.

    Condition is very good with some minor soiling. Image size is approximately 25 x 19 (inches)