(CA.-Los Angeles) Los Angeles - From Space

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(CA.-Los Angeles) Los Angeles - From Space

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  • (CA.-Los Angeles) LOS ANGELES - FROM SPACE

    The first impression of this vast megaregion is that it is landscape almost entirely paved over and altered. Where other cities are formed and moulded by landform, not Los Angeles. A few mountain ranges poke through and try to contain the growth, but inevitably fail and are nearly overcome by the light grey wash of urban and suburban development that reaches from the ocean to near the base of the nearby snow capped mountains. This grand view from 450 miles above earth grants a detailed snapshot of the sprawling, objective truth, that Los Angeles is one of a handful of cities that are new frontiers of unparalleled human growth and density.

    Condition is good with some minimal delamination over the sea, minor scuffing and pinholes.. Overall size is approximately 24 x 36