(CA.-Monterey area) California's Playground

Mapmaker: Mora, Jo

(CA.-Monterey area) California's Playground


  • ~Catalog 63~
  • California's Playground

    A rare pictorial map for this portion of California, from the Hotel Del Monte in Monterey, down to Point Lobos. Draws from the history of the region to depict a mix of historic and modern Monterey area. Showing the development of the area, the surrounding decorative border gives the history lessons from several perspectives, whether the native, the soldier or the spanish settler. The map shows the major roads and points of interest as well as the quality of the coast.

    Condition is good, with some light age toning to the entire image, some minor points of scuffing to the surface. Issued on board. Image size is approximately 27.25 x 20 (inches)