(CA.-San Francisco) San Francisco From Space

Mapmaker: Spaceshots Inc.

(CA.-San Francisco) San Francisco From Space


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    There is something tremendously instructive about this satellite image take from 450 miles above the earth, and it's not about proximity or precision, though that is certainly evident. It's the astounding diversity. You'd never realize it from the ground, but the sweep of deep colors and wild range of land quality and texture is a revelation. If such images have one impact on the population, it's seeing an area in an objective context which wouldn't be delivered by any other method. Traditional maps bring a simple clarity, but here we see a new macroscopic truth. Deep Forest greens flank dark blue seas, interrupted by the light color of concrete and asphalt of San Francisco and the surrounding towns. With each inch equaling 2.3 miles, it is possible to just make out city blocks and some buildings, as well as the roads, highways and even trace the bridges crossing the Bay.

    Condition is very good for this fully laminated original image. Overall size is approximately 36 x 24