(CA - San Jose) San Jose and Vicinity

Mapmaker: Hillam, Corbin

(CA - San Jose) San Jose and Vicinity

c. 1979

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  • San Jose and Vicinity

    It was a time of accelerating growth in the Bay area, and this map captures a late 1970's view of San Jose with a very local understanding. Here, artist and illustrator sums up the regional feel of the area with the major roads and highways, along with a few key buildings and points of reference.

    When we recently interviewed the cartographer, he mentioned how, "prior to a world of google maps", he sat down with a map of the town and tried to imagine an aerial view, but with a simplified style. The end result gives an insiders view of the town as they would think of it.

    This copy we've had signed on back by the cartographer.

    Condition is very good, though trimmed close on both sides. Image size is approximately 16.75 x 21.75 (inches)