(CA. - Silicon Valley) Silicon Valley

Mapmaker: Hoburg, Maryanne

(CA. - Silicon Valley) Silicon Valley


  • ~Holiday~2016
  • Silicon Valley

    We live in an age that was partially forged in the innovation, development and struggle of this California, Bay area technological center. Prior to its Silicon moniker, it was essentially microwave valley, birthed out of the arms race of WWII and the Cold War, U.S. government investment, and the ingenuity and drive of professor Fred Terman at Stanford. With a history of innovative research and development into electronics and technology, government money went into classified and un-classified work on a multitude of projects. From this fertile ground sprang small companies, investor culture and in turn, a technological garden of eden.

    This map illustrates a brief snap shot of the companies and culture that helped create and redefine the future, with the same impact as printing press would have centuries prior. A rare and desirable map, from not that long ago, but ephemeral.

    Condition is good, is backed on board and has some dinged corners and marginal dents. Image size is approximately 31 x 40 (inches)