Map of temperatures of California, rare immigration maps for California

Mapmaker: Matthews - Northrup

(CA. - thematic) Map of California...

c. 1915

  • Bay Area
  • California
  • thematic
  • (CA.) Map of California..., Matthews Northrup -S.P., c. 1915
    A good railroad base map that includes the county boundaries, towns, and drainages, but it's the colorful addition of temperature gradients that make it visually interesting. Smaller insets show the Bay area and another gives the "Comparative Area" of how many other U.S. states could be fit into California (Ohio, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, New York). Condition is good with some discoloration and foxing to portions. Image size is approximately 26.25 x 21 (inches)