(California) Karte Des States California

Mapmaker: Keipert

(California) Karte Des States California


  • ~Catalog 60~
  • Karte Des States California nach der officiellen Karte des State Surveyor General W.M. Eddy

    A rare and great map for the state which as mentioned in the title draws from W.M. Eddy, but also incorporates the work of Ringgold, Williamson, and others. Does an amazing job at detailing the state, its towns and major roads, as well as the general topography. Is keyed to identify each of the counties, which are here numbered. A large inset shows the Bay area.

    Condition is very good with a few small points of foxing, but with strong original color which is a mix of printed and hand color. Image size 17.5 x 13.5 (inches).